LIVESTRONG Ambassador, DJ/Producer, DiJiTAL, Signs Exclusive Deal With Muse Lifestyle Group in Los Angeles (PLAYHOUSE and SOUND Nightclub)

press-dijital-muse-dealDiJiTAL Makes May 17th Return to Playhouse Nightclub After Undergoing Major Surgery

Muse Lifestyle Group has announced an exclusive Los Angeles residency deal with EDM DJ/Producer and LIVESTRONG ambassador, DiJiTAL. DiJiTAL also recently announced his cancer diagnosis during National Young Adult Cancer Week in March. He did so with the help of The LIVESTRONG Foundation and his management team at Interlock Entertainment.

This past year has been a challenging one for the Los Angeles-based DJ and music producer. In February, DiJiTAL was diagnosed with testicular cancer and struggled to come out publicly about his disease.

“It was after a second visit to my doctor to discuss treatment that I made the decision to speak out about my diagnosis. My doctor, who had also been diagnosed with testicular cancer in his 20’s, spoke about how much I could help to bring awareness to other young adults dealing with cancer. Now it’s my mission,” says the young DJ. “I’m 24 years old and I’m a cancer survivor. I also know that I’m not the only one.”

DiJiTAL and Muse Lifestyle Group have worked closely together over the years. DiJiTAL has been a main stage attraction at their Los Angeles clubs Playhouse and Sound. This new deal only strengthens the bond, and will see him as a monthly resident performing at the aforementioned nightclubs exclusively in LA. DiJiTAL will continue to perform in Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego and various other cities internationally.

As of last month, DiJiTAL is now living cancer free after undergoing a major surgery to remove cancer cells. He celebrated his recovery with a new ‘SURVIVOR’ tattoo on his forearm.

Music production was a major factor in keeping DiJiTAL’s spirits up with recovering. He is slated to release his first originally produced record later this month.

May 17th will mark his return and celebrate the new relationship with Muse with a performance at LA hotspot Playhouse, the No. 4 nightclub in the world. May 17th is also National Livestrong Day.

He is scheduled to appear at Sound on June 1.